Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day XVI:

Today I spent a lot of time looking at how to use the MatLab neural network tool. It seemed pretty straight forward until I tried to load the input and target data. It kept on giving me a Matrix Dimension error. I guess I need to learn more about MatLab syntax and, well, just more about MatLab in general. Ultimately I want to be able to combine both the abilities of a Neural Network and the tools available in MatLab (i.e. regression analysis, graphical representations, etc..) to better see the abilities of a Neural Network as different things change.

I was also going to help the Remote Sensing group with its second collect today, but apparently there were problems and it has been postponed until tomorrow.

This morning for a daily intern meeting, we all observed how our eyes adjust themselves to different light settings. First we stayed in a dark room for about ten minutes, letting out eyes get used to the dark setting. Then we covered one eye and preceded out into the light for a little walking, letting the uncovered eye adjust back to the normal light setting. We then returned to dark room and opened out closed eyes to find that we could see out of that eye but not the other. I have done this before so the result wasn't surprising but it didn't matter because it was fun nevertheless.

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