Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day III:

I spent most of today sitting at my new location editing and resizing pictures of the sun so that they could be used to "train" or calibrate the demo Neural Network. This work did not turn out as planned. The software could easily analyze two pictures but anymore than that and it would stop. I could figure out what was going on. While the processing was taking place, I tried my hand at creating my own mock network. After installing java and its necessary components, I went forward and started designing the software. It is very complicated and nuanced. I really only coded the general format of the network but i hope to expand upon it and learn more as I delve deeper into this area of study.

For lunch I went to the Student Alumni Union found the game room. It was underground and connected to a cafeteria. Even though I didn't have enough time to play any games, I definitely want to go back there.

About an hour before I left, I went around to see what the other interns were working on. I found myself observing the Remote Sensing group using a special program on computers. They were using it to analyze images by combining different frequencies of light (I think). It was pretty cool.

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