Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day VII:

Today was very eventful. For the first half of the day we took a field trip to JML Optical Corporation. We got a behind the scenes tour of their manufacturing and design processes. It didn't realize all of the nuances and problems associated with the production of lenses, but even more impressive how precise the lenses were being made to the desire specifications. I learned a lot about the use of series of lenses in a system and how special coatings on lenses can drastically reduce the reflection tendencies of glass. JML also produces high quality windows, which go under many of the same precise processes and done to the lenses, except for the obvious fact that they are not curved.

Afterward we stopped and ate and finally returned to work. I worked for a little while but then most of the interns started a volleyball game in front of the building around 4:00ish. It was pretty low key and fun, but we did get some interesting looks from people walking by.

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