Friday, July 30, 2010

Day XIX:

Today we had another Space Weather group meeting. Dr. Dube explained his work on trying to see if a neural network can make a correlation between spikes in separate data streams happening at different times. He explained the x-correlation technique and how every point in one set is multiplied by every point in the other set and is then normalized. This produces a huge spike in the output data. Dr. Glenn showed his work on image processing and how each quadrant of an image is in a particular state is is compared to a baseline or "quiet state". When a CME occurs, each quadrant show a spike in the different between the quiet state and the actual state. The problem is to see if a neural network can take in the data from the image processing technique and find a pattern. This would ultimately turn everything on its head and result in the prediction of, as opposed to reaction to, Coronal Mass Ejections.

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