Monday, July 26, 2010

Day XV:

Today was very eventful. From 9 - 12 I helped the Remote Sensing group prepare for the flyover by setting up different colored cloths/fabrics. I got to go up on the roof of the building and pin down 2m by 2m "blankets". It was pretty windy but also very cool (double meaning). There were a lot of different experiments being done. Some of these experiment were dealing exclusively with Hyper Spectral Imaging and the techniques of detecting different materials, while others were using LiDAR or other means to detect variations in heat. The plane that flew over was mounted with all of these sensors. The plan made multiple flybys in an interlacing pattern (back and forth) so that the whole area we were working was captured twice.

For lunch I met up with Dr. David Lawlor. I have know Dr. Lawlor for years and, since he is a professor here at RIT, we had made arrangements to get together. We talked about a lot of things ranging from my work here to his recent vacation to the Caribbean. It was very a enjoyable and informative meeting.

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