Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I did a couple of interesting things today. For one, I made a movie about how a neural network produces an output, and no I was not action packed. It took me most of the morning to complete since I had to create all of the images that I needed (from scratch) and then convert them into the correct format so that I could use them in windows movie maker. Then I had to get the timing correct for each image. Overall I achieved the task that I had set out to do; I made a simple explanation of how the feedforward process in a neural network works. After this task I went out to lunch. The college of science was having a picnic and, since I forgot my lunch, I was more than happy to attend. The food was delicious; I had a burger and a hot dog.

At 1:30 the whole internship crew went on a field trip to the George Eastman House to get a behind the scenes look at the preservation and analysis of Daguerreotypes. Some of the techniques used were indeed pretty cool, such as the X-Ray pulse analysis that helps determine the type to material. I just wish that we got to see more of everything that was there, no just the Daguerrotype work.

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