Monday, August 9, 2010

Day XXV:

I was very capricious in my work today. From 9 to 12 I did some more work looking at X-Rays spikes and their relation to CME events. After lunch, Piyush took me, Cicely, and Kevin over to the Computer Engineering and Computer Science departments just to take a look around and explain how things happen at RIT. It was pretty interesting hearing all of the various fields of Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

Afterward I went to the Visual Perception to partake in their experiment. I basically got to play Call Of Duty for an hour while they tracked my eye movements. It was fun.

After that I saw Bob and Dan in the hall moving tables and equipment. I decided to help. Apparently they are converting a computer lab into a workshop in order to make room for more graduate students. I didn't exactly understand why they didn't just turn the computer lab into offices and leave the original workshop (the one that we were moving all the equipment from) alone. We had to transport a lot of heavy equipment from the first floor to the second. This required a lot of brute force. I'm probably going to help them again tomorrow.

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