Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today I spent more time working on trying to find correlations in the recent CME data and past events. It is very up and down. At one time there might appear to be a trend in the data, such as a spike or a pattern, but it will not match up with data from other times. Caitlin, Becky, and I met with Dr. Dube to discuss our findings. Some of the data we need is very specific and hard to find because certain sensors or satellites did not exist at the time of older events. Nonetheless I found a database that contains a lot of X-Ray and other sun data.

When looking at the data, it is just as important (in theory) to find the things that don't match up with a CME event because that way erroneous data need not be entered into the Neural Network, making the Network run faster.

I listened to another Ph.D dissertation today and it was just as over my head as the first one I listened to. There were a lot of references to certain software and techniques that I had never heard of before, so my understanding of the topic beyond the general goals was very limited.

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